Ashunta Sheriff Beauty: The Most Beautiful You

Ashunta Sheriff Beauty: The Most Beautiful You

Hello there! Ashunta Sheriff Beauty is your trusted Glam Squad. We are on a mission to make you the most beautiful you. We are a team of professional hairstylists, makeup artists, and fashion gurus. We know how to make you the most beautiful version of yourself – from the outside and the inside.

You can avail of the Glam Up services of The Ashunta Sheriff Beauty Glam Squad for your special events such as weddings, birthdays, or graduation. We will take care of your hair, makeup, and outfit for that momentous occasion. We are here to guarantee that you will be the most beautiful person on that special moment of your life. You can also avail of our Makeover Services to help you restyle and transform your image to become a better version of yourself. We provide all-in-one service – less hassle on your part. Our team works flawlessly so you can be sure that you will be looking your best from head to toe. Our Glam Up and Makeover Services are a must and a treat for every girl out there.

Makeup | Ashunta Sheriff Beauty: The Most Beautiful You

Don’t worry. You can also avail of our services for free through this website. Go ahead and browse our website for beauty tips, fashion hacks, fabulous hairstyles, and amazing deals out there. We take turns to share our knowledge on beauty, fashion, and hairstyle. Know how to take care of your skin properly through our recommended skincare routine and the use of cosmetics that are gentle on your skin. With the vast number of cosmetic products in the market, we know it can be overwhelming to you. Read our reviews first so that you will not end up buying something that will harm your skin and waste your money. We also feature different hairstyles that would look good on different shapes of faces so that you know what kind of haircut you will go for when you go out of your garage doors in Paradise Valley to go to your favorite salon. It is also important to take care of your hair. Check our tried and tested haircare products to achieve healthy-looking tresses for your crowning glory. There are lots of ways to look beautiful without having to spend a lot of money. Go through our makeover videos and beauty hacks to achieve that perfect look for less the price.

And of course, we all know that beauty is more than skin deep. What is essential is oftentimes invisible to the human eye and yet, it can make you the most beautiful person on earth. That is why we do not just focus on making you beautiful on the outside. We also have inspirational stories to motivate each one of us to work on our inner beauty. It is sad because it seems it is not given importance nowadays. But we are here to remind you that those makeups and skin care products will not mean a thing if you do not have a beautiful heart. That goodness will ooze through your personality and make you the most beautiful you!

Basics on Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Garage door comes in different styles such as, roller, sectional, Up & Over, and swing up garage doors. They are created in various shapes, sizes, and styles from 16×7 garage doors which are ideal for two cars to 8×7 garage doors which are suitable for one car.

Some garage doors are designed with multiple panels and others are with a single panel. They are also created from metal, wood, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass material. You can customize them with unique windows, locks, and many other features and security accessories you may think of. However, there is one common thing that they all have is how they are operated and mechanical parts that are linked to run these magical machines.

Garage door torsion spring replacement is the most common type of fixing project which is applied on the garage door. On average, garage door spring has an estimated life span of 10 to 12 years depending on the quality of the springs provided by the manufacturer.

The garage door is installed with either single torsion spring or two extension springs which are placed on the sides of garage door depending on the type of garage door system. It is not suggested for anyone to perform the garage door spring repair and replacement without proper experience and tools. If it is attempted, you are working under the high risk of injuries to your head, hands, and fingers. Trust me; DIY garage door spring replacement is not worthy at all.

If your garage door has more than one spring and one of them become loose then it is suggested that replace the both springs at the same time to prevent further damages of the other components. If you have decided to replace the one, you will be running under the high risk, even though your garage door will work properly. The older spring will break due to the heavier load and the life of new springs will decrease which will give you headaches of additional expenses. 

In some cases, the garage door may suddenly drop without giving warning which will cause to the damages of panels, cables, and garage door opener. Nothing will evaluate that what and who may be underneath them when garage door springs snaps. On the other side, if your garage door has single spring, it is suggested that you can change them with the double spring system.

They help to operate the garage door when one of them got damaged. These safety features are applied in most of the modern garage doors. Their parts are easily available in the market to make quick and inexpensive garage door spring replacement which will also save your time. 

It is always recommended that always contact a local garage door repair technician near you if you have any question regarding torsion garage door springs before attempting any DIY projects.

Beauty Tips: Keep Your Nails Clean And Fab!

Beauty Tips: Keep Your Nails Clean And Fab!

I cannot help it. I always look at other people’s nails. It is as if my eyes are drawn to their nails all the time. I talk to them and my eyes instantly check their nails. Yes, I know I am weird but like I said I cannot help it. Nails are one of the first things that I immediately notice in a person. Of course, I love it when the person’s nails are neat and clean. Extra points too if they are well-manicured. It does not matter if you are a boy or a girl. In my book, there is no excuse for dirty nails. So, here are some tips on how to keep your nails looking neat and fab.

If you are going for a semi-permanent effect on your nails, apply a clear base on each nail. Then, dip them in colored powder. Brush off the excess powder and top with another coating of clear nail polish. You’re done! It is so easy to achieve that professional look. If you get tired of this effect or want a new one, it is easy to remove. Use a nail file over your nails. Then, soak a cotton pad on acetone. Cover each nail with the soaked cotton pad and secure them with an aluminum foil. Let it sit for 10 minutes then remove the foil and cotton pads and the nail polish will chip off easily. Use a nail buffer to make your nails shiny and you will have clean and fresh looking nails once again.

If you want to achieve the trending faded effect on your nails, apply a coat of your favorite shade of nail polish. Then, get a tiny makeup applicator and put on another shade of nail polish on it. Use the makeup applicator to paint the top portion of your nails while going for that faded look. Then top it with a coat of clear nail polish. This will give you a nice and smooth gradation.
There you have it, ladies. Until the next beauty tip!

Confidently Beautiful with a Heart

Confidently Beautiful with a Heart

We have all heard that winning line from Miss Pia Wurtzbach which had earned her the title of Miss Universe 2015. But the question is, how do we apply it in real life? This phrase has two aspects – one has to be confidently beautiful and at the same time, has the heart for others. We always talk about beauty here on our blog. But do we really feel beautiful? There are some women who buy all the makeups and skincare and apply them to their skin and yet, they still do not feel beautiful. Thus, they think they need more makeup and skincare. It would be a never-ending process until she believes in herself that she is beautiful no matter what. You can have no makeup whatsoever on your face and still feel beautiful. Because you believe in yourself. That is what confidence is. You have the poise and grace come what may. That confidence cannot be given to you by the makeups that you buy. Only you can give that to yourself. You have to believe that you are beautiful so that you can project that confidence to others.
We have all heard it before. Beauty is more than skin deep. You have to have the heart for others so that you can have a beautiful heart and beautiful soul. That is inner beauty. And it radiates to your whole being giving you a certain kind of positive glow. Having a heart for others is simply caring for others. You think less of yourself and more of others and think what good you can do to make their daily lives a little bit better.

So ladies, be confident in your own body – whatever shape or form it may be. Believe in yourself. And most importantly, remember that beauty is more than the physical aspect. What matters most is that you are a good person and you do your best to help other people live better lives. Only then can you say that you are confidently beautiful with a heart.

Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Every girl dreams of a fancy wedding. Of everything nice and pretty during her wedding day. A beautiful wedding gown with a long train that follows her as she walks down the aisle. And equally stunning dresses for the bridesmaids too. Bright and colorful flowers are everywhere and petals all over the carpet as the bride makes her way to the altar. Everything is lovely for that once in a lifetime event in her life.

Of course, the bride has to be the most beautiful face for the most special day of her life. It is undeniable that there is a glow brought about by her inner joy for finally tying the knot with her true love. And it would also help a lot to get the services of the best professional hair and make up artists for this special event. They know how to highlight your best assets and make you look fresh and dazzling on your wedding day (even though in reality you only had 2 hours of sleep because all the wedding preparations and excitement made you feel on the edge on the eve of your wedding day!) What we are saying is that it is important to enlist the services of your most trusted glam team to make you really beautiful on your wedding day. Yes, it is true. You are going to spend a lot on this one but we tell you, it is worth every penny spent. You want to look your best on the best day of your life. You want that beauty to be captured on camera as the photos will remind you of this special day. Getting the services of professional hair and makeup artists is both a must and a treat for brides on their wedding day. Because the bride deserves to be and should only be the most beautiful lady on her wedding day.